Pray It Forward

The Seguin ISD Board of Trustees is currently engaged in a search for a new superintendent for our district.  This is a critically important position in our community and it comes at an important time.  Seguin ISD has long struggled to educate our young people.  We have a very challenging demographic, both culturally and socio-economically.  To succeed in transforming our schools into centers of success will require a very special leader.

I believe that we all must participate in bringing to our community that person who can transform our schools.  And we all can.  The Board of Trustees cannot accomplish this task alone.  They need help-not just our help, but God’s help.  I believe that God will help us if we but ask.  I believe that the power of prayer is the power that can help us turn the corner on the education of our children if we but focus our prayer efforts on our schools.

I ask you to focus your prayers on our district’s search for a new leader.  Ask that God grant our Board of Trustees wisdom and discernment in choosing a new leader for our schools.  Ask also that He call to our community a leader with the skills, knowledge, and heart to help us successfully educate our children.  Please incorporate these prayers into your prayer routine over the coming weeks.  Applicants are now being sought and are, indeed, now applying.  In June, the Board will begin the interview process with the aim of hiring someone in July.

It is often asked, ” where is God in our schools?”  He is here.  Now.  Let us ask Him for what our children and our community very much need and, in the process, demonstrate the power of prayer.

With God, all things are possible.

Robert P. Stephens, MD


Make Your Voice Heard

Hopefully you are aware that the Seguin ISD Board of Trustees is engaged in a search for a new superintendent for our district.

Hopefully, you are also aware that YOU can have a say.  In case you are not, let me encourage you to participate.

The trustees would like your opinion.  There is a confidential, 4-question survey that you can take.  This information will be shared with the trustees as they develop a “profile” of our future leader.  That profile will be used to define the qualifications needed in any applicants and also interview questions to be used with candidates.

Please, please take a few minutes and share your opinions.  This is a critical time and a critical process for our district and our community.  Make your voice heard.

The survey can be taken until midnight, Sunday, May 7th.

The survey can be found at

Bob Stephens