It’s Time To A.S.K.

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

Matthew 7:7

For Christians, this week is Holy Week. That got me to thinking. And praying.

Seguin ISD is in transition. The search has begun for a new superintendent to lead our district. For years, we have struggled to educate our young people effectively. And “struggle” is the operative word. By almost all measures of academic achievement, we have not succeeded. Too many students are not reaching their potential. We have struggled and we continue to struggle. That is why I view this transition and this search for new leadership as critical. Over the last 2 decades, successive leaders of Seguin ISD have been unable to transform our district into one with high academic performance. The reasons for this are many and have been discussed in previous posts. That is the past. We face a new, uncertain future. But with that uncertainty comes hope. There is hope because what we want can be achieved. There are school districts, right here in Texas, that succeed. They succeed with a population similar to ours. Sharyland ISD. Joshua ISD. Medina Valley ISD. All are helping their largely poor, majority-minority students succeed in school. And that is why there is hope-because if it can be done there, it can be done here.

However, in order for us to succeed, we need a special kind of leader-one with the vision, courage, and tenacity to bring about the transformation in our schools that is needed. School administrators are, frankly, common. Finding a superintendent for Seguin ISD is easy. Finding a superintendent with basic management skills is easy. Unfortunately, neither of those are sufficient. We need THAT person-THAT very special woman or man who can think outside the box, building relationships with students, teachers, parents, business leaders, and civic leaders. One who can relate in a positive way to others while also confronting hard truths about why we struggle in an open, honest fashion. One who can then turn those truths into motivation for positive change. These are rare qualities, and difficult to measure via a resume or in an interview. Our trustees have a difficult challenge in front of them-finding THE next leader of our schools. Frankly, they need help. We all do.

I ask you to include each of our SISD trustees in your prayers. Not just this week. Every week. Every day, in fact, until we have a new superintendent.

Ask God to grant our trustees the gifts of discernment and wisdom, both of which they will need if they are to identify and call that very gifted person we need.

I also ask you to pray for God to reach out to our next superintendent. Pray the He places in that person’s heart the desire to come here and lead our community in transforming our schools and brightening the future of our young people by helping fulfill the potential He has given them.

I believe God responds to the faithful. He responds even more to the persistent. Let us be persistent in prayer. Ask Him for what we need. Seek Him in the process. Knock on His door. Until He answers.

Together, we can do better.

Bob Stephens