SISD Leadership-The Way Forward

The Seguin ISD faces significant challenges as it strives to improve educational quality and student achievement in our community. Student test scores are well below state averages and our young people continue to move on to post-secondary education in numbers well below those of the state as a whole. There are significant headwinds as we try to improve our outcomes. State funding remains below what is necessary, we have difficulty recruiting teachers to our rural location, and the high poverty rate in our community negatively impacts the education of our children. Overcoming these challenges will require innovative, inspired leadership and we call on the Board of Trustees to find such a leader.

In 2015, the Board of Trustees chose a superintendent after a very brief seach process almost entirely devoid of input from the many stakeholders in our community. The result was troubling, as we have all witnessed. We therefore call upon the board to avoid the mistakes of the past and engage our community in a collaborative process to choose the next leader for our schools.

Specifically, we call upon the Board to begin a comprehensive search for our next superintendent. The future of our community is dependent upon the quality of our schools. Finding the right candidate is absolutely critical. The search should be conducted by a professional recruiting firm with experience in the hiring of public school executives. We believe the Board of Trustees should choose a search consultant only after a thorough process of vetting multiple recruiting firms and interviewing multiple candidates. After a search consultant is retained, we call upon the Board to form a search committee composed of a cross section of our community: educators, parents, teachers, students, and community members.

We realize that a search process as described above may be lengthy. Fortunately, we know that there remains at Seguin ISD a core of dedicated, competent, caring administrators who are willing and able to manage the district’s affairs in the interim period, however long that may be. While we hope for a brief transition, we feel that the hiring of a superintendent who can bring about the transformative change needed is the most important consideration, regardless of the duration of the search.

This community stands at a crossroads. Surrounding school districts are seeing swelling enrollment and are struggling to build new schools to accommodate the influx of students. Cities around us are experiencing booms in housing and retail development. Seguin meanwhile has experienced a decade of flat school enrollment. If we wish to truly share in the “Texas Miracle” we must have an excellent school system. The hiring of a new superintendent with the skills to bring that about is the first step. We therefore call on the Seguin ISD Board of Trustees to begin a process that will bring such a person to Seguin. Educate Seguin is fully committed to assisting the Board of Trustees in whatever ways are necessary to ensure the success of our schools, our young people, and our community.

The Board of Directors

Educate Seguin

Citizens Dedicated to Outstanding Public Schools for Seguin


One thought on “SISD Leadership-The Way Forward

  1. The often overlooked fact is that SISD has difficulty retaining teachers, not just “recruiting new teachers to this rural location.” The pay in the district is below most surrounding districts, so when the district recruits teachers fresh out of school, gets them trained, and they get a little experience under their belts, they often leave to surrounding districts for higher pay. There are also many teachers in Seguin who live here, and who truly care about the district, that have been lost to the recent deluge of poor decision making at the district level, and constant turnover of leadership. If we have difficulty retaining the locals who are willing to give all to our local kids, how do we expect to keep those who travel here from surrounding districts that offer higher pay?

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