Practice, Man, Practice

How do you get to Carnegie Hall?  You practice.  And the Seguin High School Matador Band has been practicing.  For months.  Over Christmas Break.  In the mornings.  In the evenings.  On weekends.  Lots and lots of practice.  And in about a month, our very own Seguin musicians will travel to New York City for a fantastic opportunity.  They will get to not only see the sites in one of the greatest cities in the world, but they will get an opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall, arguably one of the most prestigious concert halls on the planet.  It is a truly awesome opportunity for any musical group.  But can you believe it’s happening to OUR musical group?  To our very own neighbors?  That’s cool!!

In addition to practicing, Seguin High School’s student musicians have also been fundraising.  Each student is working hard to raise the $1,750 he or she needs to go on this trip.  Beyond that, the Seguin High School Band Boosters is working to raise additional funds to cover equipment transportation, food, and other costs.  It’s a massive undertaking, especially since the band did not find out about this trip until October.

Our kids are working really hard to make this trip a reality.  And they are practicing really hard to get to Carnegie Hall.  And we can go right along with them.  We don’t have to spend hours practicing.  We don’t have to spend hours fundraising.  All we have to do is support them.  Yesterday, I made a donation to the Band Boosters in support of this opportunity.  I was in band through high school and college.  My wife, Kim was in band.  Our children, Nick and Katharine, are Mighty Matador Band alumni.  We know first-hand two things.  First, band is a LOT of work.  Second, it is unbelievably rewarding.  Let’s support these students’ hard work and enthusiasm.  Let’s help them get to Carnegie Hall.  You can make a donation today.  Donation locations locally can be found at KWED, Gift & Gourmet, First Commercial Bank, First National Bank of Beeville, and First United Bank.  Not in town, you can still help out.  There is an online funding site for the band.  Just check out   Be a part of this.  It’s a great honor for our students, our band, and our community.

Bob Stephens